The Most Iconic Duo


Peanut butter & jelly? Salt & pepper? We think that the greatest duo is our signature combination of a side zipper with laces. Let us explain.

There are a couple of hurdles that any woman faces when they buy a new pair of shoes. The first thing that everyone wants to make sure they get right is the fit. Sometimes the shoes are too small, sometimes the shoes are too big, and sometimes there’s just something about the fit that doesn’t quite feel right. Cloud wants to make sure you have the perfect fit every time so we always offer free exchanges, and we offer size recommendations and fit tips to our site.

One of the best ways to get a good fit is with a set of shoelaces. With any of our lace-up sneakers and high-tops, you get the benefit of loosening and tightening your shoes until they fit exactly right. Don’t forget, our shoes come out of the box with the shoelaces tied super tight so be sure to loosen them up before trying them on!

CLOUD shoes with shoelaces:







On the other side of the coin, it can sometimes be difficult to bend down and get up every time you need to tie your shoes. Sometimes, this repetitive motion can be painful, or just inconvenient. Sometimes, the easiest type of shoe is a slip-on style that you can grab and go, or slip on, zip up and run. We also have several styles in this type, if the most important thing is to be on your feet quick!

CLOUD shoes that are easy to wear:







To solve both of these problems, CLOUD footwear has created the greatest combo since Batman & Robin. By including both a lace-up style as well as a side zipper, you get the ultimate adjustability of laces, and the ease of slipping your sneakers on and heading out the door. When your shoes arrive, simply untie the laces as loose as they can go, then slide your foot into the shoe and close the zipper. Tie the laces to be the perfect fit around your foot, and now you never need to tie your laces again!

CLOUD shoes with laces & zipper:







Get the perfect fit, the most comfortable step and the easiest wear.