Health & Fitness

September 24th, 2022 is Family Health & Fitness Day, and what better way is there to enjoy fitness with your family then a nice walk outside while the weather is still nice. When you go out for a walk, what is the first pair of shoes you reach for? Many people so straight for the athletic running shoe, but there are many benefits to wearing a CLOUD shoe that is designed for the comfort walking experience.
Flexibility: As opposed to your typical running shoe which is designed for high impact, a good walking shoe will have extreme flexibility so that every step feels stable and comfortable.
CLOUD shoes that are super flexible:
Arch Support: Shoes with arch support insoles provide stability & balance, and make every step less hard on your foot. All of our arch support shoes have removable insoles so they can be replaced by your own orthotics if needed. 
CLOUD shoes with arch support:
Lightweight: A good walking shoe will weigh less than a bulky running shoe, letting you move around easily on a variety of surfaces without any extra effort.
CLOUD shoes that are super lightweight:
On-the-go: Who likes crouching down to tie their shoelaces every day? A shoe that’s easy to put on and take off removes a barrier that stops many people from going out and enjoying a walk.
CLOUD shoes that will keep you on-the-go:
Don’t compromise!
Just because you’re not going for a run or doing squats doesn’t mean you can't experience health active living by going on a walk (or even something more interesting like a theme park day or a trip to the mall). Make sure you’re always on cloud nine.