AIKA Sneakers 101

Who can say no to sneakers? They are perfect for almost any activity. This month, Cloud is excited to introduce to you - if you haven’t already met, one of our best selling sneakers, AIKA.

What’s so great about AIKA, aren’t they just like any other sneaker, you ask? AIKA is definitely not just a regular sneaker. What’s so great about them?

1.     Light
AIKA is made from unique components to ensure lightness in every step.

2.     Flexible
Thanks to our patented rubber sole, AIKA doesn’t only have great durability, it also provides unmatched flexibility.

3.     Soft
Every pair of AIKA is expertly made from the softest leather we can source. Experience the soft and luxurious touch of cashmere leather with AIKA.

4.     Extra Comfort
AIKA comes with a removable cushioned insole, which makes this sneakers super comfortable to walk in every day. We know that you are busy, whether you’re working or travelling; we want to ensure you can walk all day long and have happy feet!

5.     European Made
To ensure the best quality, we have every pair of AIKA made in Europe. From lining to leather, we only use the highest quality materials for each pair of AIKA.

6.     Stylish
With more than 20 colour selections, AIKA meets your needs for fashion. Choose from basic black to fun polka dots and prints.

7.     Zip on and off
No need to worry about tying your laces every time. AIKA comes with a side zipper to make your life simpler and easier.