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Clouds are handcrafted with many different, gorgeous leathers that all enjoy being pampered. Take care of your Clouds, and your Clouds will take care of you. Keep them looking their best by follow our few tips:

Everyday care:

Keep them from getting too dirty or muddy, and clean them right away if they do!
•  Very lightly dampen a soft white cloth with water and gently clean.

Put them on and remove them properly (remember to untie the laces or unzip!). Use a shoehorn to prevent crushing the heel of your shoes.

Give your Clouds the space they need by lining them up or packing them back in their box.

If putting them away for the season, re-stuff them with tissue paper and keep your Clouds out of direct sunlight.

How to clean and nurture your Clouds

Since all shoes cleaners and polishes are not created equally, each with different and complex formulas, it’s best to test out any new products before applying them all over your favorites shoes. Test the products on an inconspicuous spot on the shoes, and wait 24 hours. Ensure there is no reaction, then go ahead and use the product on your pair of Clouds.

Waterproof your winter Clouds

•  Cloud winter boots are made from water-resistant leather and constructions. However, if you plan to wear the pair where there are a lot of rain and/or snow, we would recommend you to waterproof the pair.

•  When trying to waterproof your winter Clouds, an all-protector spray works well.

Take care of your Clouds and use these methods regularly so that you can help shoes stay fly.

If you are still unsure on how to properly care for your Clouds, please do not hesitate to contact us!